37. The Household  "King William"

 If you don't have children, please don't ever go up to somebody that does and tell them you know exactly what it's like because you have dogs. People really say this. And if you're one of those people and feeling a little offended by this statement, then ask yourself the following questions. 

How much soul searching did you have to do before sitting down to talk your dog about the "facts of life"? 

How's your dog's college fund coming along? 


Did you ever, in an unconscious moment, say something to your dog that absolutely crushed him, and you spent the next week just wanting to die? 

Enough about dogs. When it comes to parenthood, how many times I've wished for a "do-over". And just as I'm getting the hang of this thing they're almost grown. I remember one day so vividly when my little boy was about two, and he earnestly approached me in the kitchen with a cup full of gravel and asked where he should pour it? I told him, “back outside". So he dutifully marched to the front door, opened it, and dumped the gravel all over the front doormat - and I actually became cross with him. His little face crumpled up with hurt. After all, he thought he was doing just as I asked. I mean, what the hell was my problem that day anyway? 

Hexagram 37, The Household, counsels on how a parent must constantly strike the balance between overindulgence and firmness. To err in either direction is to disrupt harmonious life.

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