1. The Creative- "Close to the Sun"

"Close to the Sun" by Cotton Mather The Creative is the gateway to the I Ching, and according to Confucius, the key to understanding all the subsequent readings. The hexagram is formed by doubling the figure of "Qian" translated…

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2. The Receptive

The Middle of Nowhere

Slip the moorings of the all familiar 

Get into a second car and go 

Somewhere late 

Looking out the window and I see we're in another state 

Now we're standing, and the clouds rush the sky 

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3. Beginning- "The Land of Flowers"

The Land of Flowers 

Welcome to the land of flowers 

Everything is overgrown 

There lie my idle hours 

Underneath this unmarked stone 

You could say your once great prince 

Surrendered his kingdom to the wild 

But we’ll take back some…

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4. Youthful Folly- "Child Bride"

Child Bride

seldom a favorite reading to receive and typically a reminder that my life is an ongoing exhibit of lessons unlearned. for instance i can tell you that if you're ever going to jump over a fence on Halloween…

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6. Contention  "Life of the Liar"

What is it that so energizes us about the enemy? My sister recently recalled how positively giddy my parents became during the Watergate hearings. How they couldn't wait to turn on the television after lunch to watch Sam Irving, Howard…

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8. Union "Candy Lilac"

Sophora secundiflora, perennial legume, 

USDA Hardiness Zone 8 

In the movie Camelot, Julie Andrews chalked it all up to the "lusty month of May" when she up and flung herself into the arms of Robert Goulet, while Richard Harris took…

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12. Standstill  "The End of DeWitt Finley"

I first met DeWitt Finley after he was gone. My brother introduced us. Joseph Harrison is a tremendous poet-  and if you think I'm showing family favoritism then consider instead the endorsements of Richard Wilbur, Harold Bloom and the late…

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21. Biting Through- "Fighting Through"

What Became Of Your Lamb, Clarice? 

There's a bar near my house that I used to go to about once a week for a beer and to watch sports at the end of the night. And this woman who works…

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23. Splitting Apart- "Queen of Swords"

Chutes and Ladders 

If the I Ching was a game tracking your life's journey, it wouldn't so much resemble roulette as it would chutes and ladders. You know, the children's board game where you try to go from start to…

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