21. Biting Through- "Fighting Through"

What Became Of Your Lamb, Clarice? 

There's a bar near my house that I used to go to about once a week for a beer and to watch sports at the end of the night. And this woman who works there I don't even know has twice accused me of lying to her. The first time, I was talking with my friend Jack about this website and she overheard and asked me to tell her the name. The next time I was in there she rushed up to me and snapped, "you tricked me, there isn't website called Songs I Ching! I thought she was joking and laughed uncomfortably at first, and then noticed her face was contorted in anger! "It's Ichingsongs" I replied. "Oh, that makes sense" she said and marched off. No "I'm sorry", or "how silly of me". Yes, because that makes sense. What I want is for even more people not to know about this project! Another time I was in there, signed my bill and was getting ready to leave, when she grabbed my arm and said, "you tried to pull one over on me!" I had forgotten my glasses and totaled things incorrectly. I guess she supposed she'd thwarted a devious one-dollar grift that had been months in preparation. I'm not a trained professional, but can we say - trust issues? 

Well dear, if you ever do read this website, allow me to direct you to the 21st hexagram of the I Ching, Biting Through, which uses the image of teeth biting through a piece of dried meat (most likely a lot of that in ancient China) as a metaphor for eradicating old habits of mind and body. We all have them. These could be physical addictions, entrenched patterns of thought, or anxieties based on the past but not warranted in the present. Whatever the obstacle, it remains immovable until it is first identified and then confronted...sound familiar? Otherwise aforementioned deeply embedded psychic expectations will reload in a new relationship and wreck it! 

"Biting Through", however, is not so good a song title because it made me think about vampires and Hannibal Lecter. When I told Whit Williams the name of this one on the phone, he said, "No, I think "Fighting Through" is a great song title. Oh right, Fighting Through it is then.

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