15. Humbleness/ Modesty  "It's Better Not To Be The King"

A phone call came in one Saturday afternoon from one of my rock star friends to let me know he'd just been recognized by a fan in an Ohio shopping mall! Before I had a chance to offer my condolences it became apparent to me that my friend was actually thrilled and congratulations were in order. So struck was I by how differently we were wired for our mutual chosen profession. Mine being the faulty wiring. 

When a fan spotted me at Whole Foods coffee bar recently  and chatted me up, my son asked, "Daddy are you kind of famous"? I answered, " kind of- you just have to ask the right person" 

Happily Hexagram 15 of the I Ching points out the advantages of flying under the radar, so to speak. And I can add to that. I'll put my black pepper cauliflower curry up against anybody's. And my weekends are usually free. For instance I've got no plans for this coming Friday in case you're wondering.

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