4. Youthful Folly- "Child Bride"

Child Bride

seldom a favorite reading to receive and typically a reminder that my life is an ongoing exhibit of lessons unlearned. for instance i can tell you that if you're ever going to jump over a fence on Halloween night in an effort to rescue a drunk driver, you'd better remove your nun's costume first, unless you want to spend the next two months on crutches. not that I know anyone who would ever do such a thing , but it's a good example of childish folly. of course you don't  need a costume to screw up royally . millions of people are making complete jackasses out of themselves every day with just their smartphones.  i wonder-has any invention in the course of human history afforded more people the chance to commit ruinous acts of "youthful  folly"- than the smartphone? i think that after finishing this song journal i shall write a book of etiquette called,"you are not invisible, you're only on your smartphone". it will sell like hot cakes next Christmas- girlfriends giving it to their boyfriends, parents to children and visa versa- always with a little wink and unspoken rebuke that would make Emily Post proud.

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