59. Dispersing- "Real Life Satyr"


You hang around long enough and you’ll accrue a list of folks who used-to-be this or that to you…a few ex-something or others, personally, professionally or both. So the memoir written about my other self, the one as recounted by the fabulists in my life whose roles I’ve had to …um…modify for one reason or another, would be a far more exciting, intriguing and salacious read than the unexciting truth. If you "modify" a fabulist you’ll become fictionalized in ways you couldn’t imagine possible .. unless you’re a fabulist. But I’m not. What you see is pretty much what you get here in the land of RH. In private I suppose I’m likely sillier, goofier and prone to free association - but not tall tales in which I’ve been wronged by people who appear benign to the naked eye. Stories do have a way of making their way back to the other person eventually. If anyone who knows me is fool enough to believe them - the hell with ‘em. Or at least that's what I come around to after a day of ulcers when the Sage wisdom of the I Ching directs me back to Hexagram 59 -Dispersing…. Or then again maybe it's all a clever ruse to throw you off my hoofed track… maybe I truly am a “Real Life Satyr”! 

"Real Life Satyr" -yours truly on my Gibson 335, keys, acoustic and vocals with some slide guitar and telecaster fortifications from WW shipped in special delivery. More to come from the bass & drum departments. Keep it tuned here where this sucker will continue to grow its horns



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