62. Little Exceeding - "Death of the Cool"

“Death of the Cool” by Cotton Mather - “Hope I die before I get old”, was hardly an original anxiety. Wordsworth at twenty six had those clouds of artistic impotence nudging the horizon north of Tinturn Abbey. So perhaps it’s untraditional -two decades after the beloved fact of Kontiki (a pamphlet revered by hundreds!) – for us to saunter back to the podium and demand an audience. But tradition and Cotton Mather were never acquainted. 
Should this jury of peers and elders find my 64 part dissertation unfit for publication please divert the requested pledge funds to bolster your depleted refreshments budget and speak of this no more. If I’ve failed to effectively bear the University standard, so be it, let a worthier man fly the colors. On the other hand, should this latest installment, crafted in the jocular style of Kontiki, please the committee, please consider my candidacy for the a stipend required to complete the work …. or in street vernacular, pony up! 

62. Little Exceeding concerns questions of knowing how and when not to go too far, or press ones luck. My friend George Reiff used to always say, “Man you have you keep getting better, otherwise what’s the point.”- whatever this cautionary tale might foreshadow to the contrary I still submit to “make my move… while there’s steam in the pipes” 
“Death of the Cool” performed by RH, Whit and Darin. Recorded and produced by Lars Goransson and RH. Mastered by Lars

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