Watching the Kid Come Back 

About this record 

Prior to the big shutdown of 2020 I moved into a little cabin in the country outside of Dripping Springs, Texas about 30 minutes from Austin to do a reset on life and to dream a first solo record. By summer 2020 it was clear this was going to need to be a very different sort of record for me-  one that could be made for the most part alone … and also one that must contend with the emotional weight of the times we were all experiencing. I set up mics and cables on the front porch for musical droppers-by and had Zoom sessions with the home recordists as well - to talk arrangement and parts etc… and also to keep each others spirits buoyed through the seemingly endless season of despair. Now from the vantage point of summer 2021 this seems already like a postcard from a distant shore. My gratitude to all those who encouraged me and contributed so generously- Brad Fordham, Whit Williams, Gary Newcombe, Darin Murphy, Betty Soo, Suzanna Choffel, Ed Jarusinsky, Rick Richards, Mike Hardwick, Lars Goransson, Mary-O Harrison, Brad Jones and most of all -my ever-reliable sounding board and tireless helper- Declan Harrison. Finally without the support and belief of my incredible Patrons none of this could have happened. 

Love to all of you 


Robert Harrison

a fixture in Austin music since the mid-nineties, Robert Harrison rose to prominence as lead man for Cotton Mather, whose famously 4-tracked record Kontiki made waves around the globe- being called by UNCUT Magazine, "Music to smile yourself to death to"... As the creative force behind Future Clouds and Radar, he was named Harp Magazine's "Debut Artist of the Year" in 2007. In 2016 he announced the re-formation of Cotton Mather to create 64 tracks inspired by readings from The Book of Changes (I Ching) which yielded three full- length records and was brought to completion via Patreon.  Today in his little cabin outside of Austin, Harrison produces other artists and prepares to release his first solo record, "Watching the Kid Come Back" (Monostereo), in July of 2021

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