59. Dispersing- "Real Life Satyr"


You hang around long enough and you’ll accrue a list of folks who used-to-be this or that to you…a few ex-something or others, personally, professionally or both. So the memoir written about my other self, the one as recounted…


60. Limitation- "Cruel River"

"Cruel River" (or holy crap i think i messed up my knee) 

The 60th hexagram of the I Ching is called Limitation, which uses the imagery of a river nourishing its surrounding lands to illustrate the necessity of balance in…

62. Little Exceeding - "Death of the Cool"

“Death of the Cool” by Cotton Mather - “Hope I die before I get old”, was hardly an original anxiety. Wordsworth at twenty six had those clouds of artistic impotence nudging the horizon north of Tinturn Abbey. So perhaps it’s…


63. After Completion- "Faded"


Dear Dr. Beachpechra, 

I don't don't if you recall me but we met, shared anecdotes, and more than our fair share of Pernot, two summers ago on Helmut Valdez's back pavilion, upon the occasion his daughter's graduation from flight