24. The Return  "The Book of Too Late Changes"

Mama Sugarly's Yum-Yum 

buttermilk base 

one tablespoon turtle food 

two tablespoons tobacco 

one teaspoon folgers instant coffee 

spoonful deviled ham 

leftover green beans 

black pepper 

one chunk of gainesburger 

gerbil food to taste 

white pepper 

a few wheat thins 


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37. The Household  "King William"

 If you don't have children, please don't ever go up to somebody that does and tell them you know exactly what it's like because you have dogs. People really say this. And if you're one of those people and feeling…

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38. Diversity "Eleanor Plunge"

 “Craig Number Seven” played guitar for Big Fish. He looked like a redheaded golf ball in blue jeans cut-offs wielding a hollow-body Gibson 335 knock-off. A guitar effects wizard who toted his pedals in a periwinkle Samsonite overnight case (before…

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43. Eliminating- "Better than a Hit"

Color My World 

The movies of our own lives are typically black and white, there being no place for reality's subtle color in a film populated by white knights and black-hatted villains.  This may be more agreeable to the ego's…

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52. Stillness - "The Way of the Samurai"

The Way of the Samurai 

Oh the way we live here 

Running up and down 

Like the passing of a bullet train 

For the local bound 

You meet me at the station 

With a brave new fact 

I can see…

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53. Progressing Gradually

Might Get Fooled Again 

I have a long history of misreporting the weather due to my natural optimism. I only listen to the part of the forecast I like, and then scramble the rest. Just today, for instance, I packed…

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56. The Wanderer- "Hijinks Dad"

56. The Wanderer 

"Hijinx Dad"

It's been a while since I've waded into the fetid waters of the music industry but I doubt it's changed much. You'll meet some truly lovely people there of course, you just have to look…

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57. The Gentle Penetrating Wing- "October"

The first I wrote this fall of 2019 and have been dreaming on it- still considering. So many possibilities but am enamored of the bareness as the starting place- the entirely dry production with just this vocal, drum loop and…

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58. The Joyous- "The Joy"

58. The Joyous 

Joy is the natural response within all of us to the benevolent and bountiful cosmos. That response gets impeded by life events, conditions, disappointments, and challenges- but it’s always there waiting to express itself, sometimes in our…

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